Investment Services

Our Investment Models are designed to help you meet your investment objectives with minimal worry, because it is constructed to insulate you from the common distractions of emotion.


Specifically, our investment models benefit investors by:

  • Selecting a Model Portfolio that matches their investment objectives
  • Allocating capital to a carefully selected group of suitable mutual funds
  • Monitoring the asset mix and mutual funds using established investment criteria
  • Rebalancing the portfolio on a scheduled basis

The history of the bond and stock markets is marked by periods of tremendous volatility reflecting economic and political uncertainty.

Investing based on emotion rather than discipline can have unintentional consequences for investor returns. It can be a challenge when multiplied by investment advice from various sources that bear no accountability, including the media.

One way of achieving the discipline necessary to be a successful investor is to hire financial professionals who are not only qualified to match your investment objectives with the right investment strategy, but who are able to maintain that disciplined approach, and provide the proper guidance, through difficult market periods.

1ST SUMMIT Financial Partners are prepared to assist you in constructing an appropriate investment strategy that is designed to help you stay the course and achieve your investment objectives. 


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