Take advantage of our savings account options that have guaranteed safety and convenience. Make your cash work harder for you.  Competitive rates…start saving today.

Statement Savings

This is our most popular savings account. Earn interest as you save for your dreams and reach your financial goals. Manage your progress with a monthly statement.

$mart $avers Club

Savings account especially for those under age 18. Teach Smart Savers Club members the value of money through prize incentives and a quarterly newsletter with fun ideas to encourage money management. A competitive interest rate shows the power of compounding interest.  Reward your child for their savings skills.

View the Spring $mart $avers newsletter.

Insured Money Market

This account offers competitive tiered interest rates.  With no yearly management fees and convenient check writing capabilities, this savings account is a one-stop shop.

Advantage Plus Money Market

Perfect as a liquid investment that earns above market yields and is tiered for higher returns. You have the convenience of making as many "in-person" withdrawals as you like anytime with no delay and no hassles. 

Holiday Club

The Holiday Club is a safe and convenient way to save for the holidays. Make deposits when you visit one of our Community Offices or have a set amount automatically deducted monthly or weekly from your 1ST SUMMIT BANK account. You may also choose to have the annual proceeds of your Holiday Club directly deposited into a 1ST SUMMIT BANK checking or savings account. Make your holiday less stressful because you have the money saved or use the funds for next year's unexpected expenses, heating fuel, and much more. Check out our current rates.