Business Loans

Lines of Credit

You can have accessible funds when you need them for your business.

  • Advantageous for unique business opportunities and unexpected shortages of cash
  • Only pay interest on amount outstanding
  • Ready cash to enhance inventory

Commercial Mortgage

Borrow for business real estate including store front, office, warehouse and manufacturing.

Equipment Loans

Every business has a variety of equipment needs. We’ll help you borrow what you need with flexible terms.

Equipment Leasing

Leasing your equipment, large or small, may allow greater flexibility than purchasing.

  • Preserve cash
  • Flexible terms
  • Reduce risk of obsolete equipment
  • Possible tax advantages*  

Commercial Vehicle Loans

We have vehicle financing to assist you with your transportation needs.

Business Acquisitions

Financing options are available for those investing in land, commercial properties, and development projects.

*Consult tax advisor.