Consumer Awareness

What You Need to Know about the .BANK Domain Change (October 2019)

For increased security, websites including 1ST SUMMIT BANK are making the switch from their current .com URL to .BANK.  .BANK is specifically reserved for verified banks, which can only be purchased by banks.  Whereas, .com URLs can be purchased by anyone.
When you visit a website with .BANK, you can feel confident and secure that the website is legitimate when making loan inquiries, visiting online banking, or providing your personal information on a 'contact us' form.
This change protects from phishing and spoofing site attempts to steal your confidential information, such as an account password,by tricking you into believing you're on a legitimate website.  This can occur if you accidentally mistype a URL address.
The .BANK change has transformed our professional 1ST SUMMIT BANK email addresses as well.  Be sure to look for .BANK instead of .com in all of our email addresses and in our website URL to confirm you are interacting with us.  Please update your address book and favorite the new website URL:

Important New ATM Information (July 2019)

1ST SUMMIT BANK is excited to announce a new ATM Banking experience as we update our older machines with a new generation of ATM’s.  The new ATM’s provide improved features and enhancements, while also increasing the security in protecting your card information.  The direction in which you insert your 1ST SUMMIT BANK Check Card is different. 

For an overview of these enhancements to help you transition to our new ATM machines, click here!

 Currently, these Community Offices have the new generation ATM:

  • Richland (Main Office)
  • Downtown Johnstown
  • Westmont
  • Johnstown Walmart
  • Somerset
  • Altoona Walmart
  • Greensburg Walmart 
  • Ideal Market (Geistown)

The remaining ATM locations are scheduled to be updated by the end of 2019. 

If you have any questions, please call your Community Office.


FTC Warns of Increase in Social Security Scams (January 2019)

The Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers about increased attempts to steal consumers' Social Security numbers through impersonation scams.  To explain, scammers claiming to be Social Security Administration representatives contact victims and say their SSN is suspended due to suspicious activity and they must verify their SSN to reactivate it.  View more information on this scam.

Prevent Hackers from Accessing Your Accounts (January 2019)

To protect your financial information, avoid using the same username and password for every online access.  This includes accounts for utilities, purchases, subscriptions, credit cards, 1ST SUMMIT ONLINE, and more.  Read on for more tips:
  • Use a passphrase instead of a password (random words strung together)
  • Make the password at least 12 characters long
  • Include numbers, capital letters, and symbols
  • Don't post your password in plain sight at work or home

FTC Warns of Combined Spear Phishing and Caller ID Spoofing Attacks (November 2018)

The Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers of a new fraud tactic that combines both spear phishing (an email that appears to be from a trusted source) and caller ID spoofing in an attempt to trick victims into providing account information.  Using spoofed caller ID and partial information already obtained on the victim, the criminals impersonate representatives from legitimate companies attempting to verify account information or activity.  The FTC urges consumers to be cautious when providing personal or account information over the phone and to not assume that caller ID is proof that the call is from a legitimate company.
1ST SUMMIT BANK will never call you or email you and ask you to provide personal or account information.

Vacation Giveaway Scams (May 2018)

These scams target you with a sense of urgency to call back and claim your prize. If you've ever signed up to win a prize at a baseball game or the zoo, you may receive a call saying you won a "free giveaway" based on your entry. Most often this is not legitimate.  Read these tips to help prevent yourself from falling victim to this scam.

Tips on Selecting a Contractor (April 2018)

Deciding to build a home or renovate an existing one are huge endeavors. You wouldn't trust just anyone with your most important asset-your home. Use these tips to help select a legitimate and reputable contractor for your needs.

  • Get insurance certificates showing your contractor carries general liability insurance, including workers' compensation insurance if applicable. (This should cover at least $50,000.)
  • Ask them to provide at least 1 year written warranty on workmanship and materials. (ex. roofers may provide 5 years+ warranty)

View more information on selecting a contractor.